Unique beaches, countless bays and coves and crystal clear waters that will make your holidays unforgettable. Explore the picturesque settlements, the cave and other natural beauties of the island!

Merichas port

Port of Merichas

The picturesque port...

In the port of Merichas there are several options of shops, taverns, bars, as well as a bank and a pharmacy. This is where all the passengers arrive from Piraeus and Lavrio in just a few hours. Merichas is a natural port in the Cyclades and Kythnos, due to its natural shape.

Kolona beach

Kolona beach

Cyclades' most famous beach...

Kolona beach is one of the most famous beaches in the Cyclades thanks to its shape. Kolona is a golden sand beach, with a length of 240 meters, bathed by the sea on both sides. Across the beach there is the picturesque rocky islet of Agios Loukas with its homonymous church. The afternoons are magical at this spot, as the orange colors of the sunset paint the entire sky.

Chora of Kythnos

Chora of Kythnos

Kythnos' main settlement...

Chora is characterized by its simplicity and the authenticity of its houses. The houses have an all-white body, while the plan is completed with the vivid Cycladic blue which paint their windows and doors. The whitewashed picturesque alleys of Kythnos Island enchant every traveler, with food and drink also being two of the elements that come to take off every summer night in Kythnos. In Chora of Kythnos you will find two remarkable churches to visit, Agios Savvas, the oldest in Chora, and Agios Sotiras, which impresses with its wood-carved winged altarpiece.

Dryopida settlement


Unique architecture...

Dryopida is a traditional village of Kythnos, known for its indelible beauty and unique architecture. The characteristic element of Dryopida that makes it incredibly picturesque, is that all the houses have tiled roofs. The nearest beaches for endless dives are Naousa, Agios Stefanos, Agios Giannis, Kalo Livadi, Zogaki, Kouri and Liotrivi. If, in addition to relaxation, you wish to get in touch with history, a visit to the Folklore or Byzantine Museum will be an ideal choice.

Loutra settlement


Thermal springs...

Loutra are known from the years of King Otto, who used to visit them with his wife for their healing effect. The seaside village of Loutra offers a unique experience in the thermal springs, as they offer relaxation and healing properties for rheumatism, arthritis, and even for some gynecological diseases. Loutra is famous as one of the most beautiful villages of Kythnos for food or drink and walks along the sea.

Panagia Kanala settlement

Panagia Kanala

A pine-covered beach...

Panagia Kanala is a settlement, built on the pine-covered beach of Megali Ammos. The homonymous church of Panagia Kanala located in the area attracts hundreds of visitors, in order to worship its miraculous holy icon. Her grace is celebrated on the 15th of August and a big festival is held in her honor.

Katafiki cave

Katafiki cave

One of the largest caves in Cyclades...

Katafiki cave is located in Dryopida and is one of the largest and most important caves in the Cyclades. The total length of the cave reaches 600 meters, its temperature remains constant at 17oC and the altitude reaches 190 meters. Every year the Katafiki cave is an attraction for young and old from all over the world, who visit it to discover every of its detail.



A historical monument...

Vryokastro is one of the most important historical monuments of the Cycladic Culture and is now an attraction, as only few ruins of the market, temples and caves have left in the area. The ancient capital of Kythnos was located through the walls of Vryokastro, which had an area of 300 acres. Excavations are evolving to this day in order to bring new information to the history of the city.